Welcome to my world of weaving, a chance to see what I do to interpret the colors of the world around us in threads.

Welcome to my home on the web.

Who Am I?

Weaving draws together my love of textiles, my passion for color and my fascination with organizational structure. Since childhood I've been captivated by fabrics: damask table linens, antique coverlets, plaid shirts, even the twill of blue jeans.

I work primarily with natural fibers, knowing that weavers have been doing so for millennia. Working with fine linen, cotton and silk threads allows me to feel I'm part of the long tradition of weaving that graces our lives.

Colors surround us and color is half of why I weave. It is sheer joy to interpret the colors I see in the world around me in threads, creating fabrics for others to enjoy.

My Mission

I want to maintain handweaving as a craft. I want to teach people to weave and to appreciate handwoven items. I want to advance the ancient skills so that future generations will be able to weave.

Latest Projects

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Elizabethan Sonnet Silk Shawl
Upholstery fabric on the loom
Box with Blue Ribbons


Handweaver and Teacher

Ramona lives, weaves and teaches weaving in North Florida

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